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• Bookings can only be made for travel at least two days in advance.
• Should you have the requirement to make an urgent booking please Contact Us.
• Yes, details can be changed on booking, however what can be changed does vary depending on what has been booked.
• If you wish to amend a booking / order or wish to enquire if a specific change can be made, then please send us a mail on this address enquiries@flyinterguide.net. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
• The confirmation e-mail sent at the time of your booking contains the terminal information relating to your flight.
• If you have not received your confirmation e-mail, or would like another copy, kindly send us your email address and we will forward it to you as soon as possible.
• When you arrive at the airline check in desk you will be required to present the following items in order to receive your boarding pass.
• Yes you can do book and hold.
• This can be acheived while on the passenger detail while choosing your mode of payment.
• On your flight search results, there is a link tagged (Conditions) to check your ticket rules.

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